If some section of the intestine has escaped from.

If some section of the intestine has escaped from.

An injury of the abdomen and is cut either longitudinally or transversely, while the major part continues to be unscathed; if the injury has actually existed for some time and also the subjected intestinal tract is cool. Some living animal, like a pup (calculus), is to be killed, divided longitudinally, and also positioned over the intestinal tract until the last is warmed up, vivified by the all-natural warm, and also softened. Then a tiny tube of alder is prepared, an inch much longer than the injury of the intestine.

Meticulously thinned down and also introduced right into the gut with the injury. Stitched ready with a very great square-pointed needle, threaded with silk. This tube or cannula should be so placed as to conveniently transfer the components of the intestinal tract. As well as yet develop no obstacle to the stitches of the wound. When this has been done.

A sponge moistened in warm water and well washed must be utilized to gently clean the intestinal tracts from all foreign matters, and also the intestine, therefore cleansed. Is to be returned to the abdominal cavity with the injury of the abdominal wall surface. The person is then to be laid upon a table and also gently shaken so that the intestinal tracts might resume their normal position in the abdomen.

If needed the key injury must be bigger for this function.

When the intestinal tracts have been hence replaced. The wound in the stomach wall surface is to be maintained open till the wound of the intestine appears recovered. Over the digestive tract suture, a little pelvis ought to be sprinkled every day. And also when the injury of the intestine is totally healed (consolidator). The injury of the stomach wall is to be sewed up and also dealt with in the manner of ordinary flesh injuries. 토토총판손익

If, however, the wound is big, a pledget (pecia) of dust. Enough time to prolong from one end to the various other and also task a little. Is put in the wound, as well as over this the external section of the wound is to be meticulously sewed. And sprayed daily with the pelvis ruber. Every day the pledget which remains in the injury is to be attracted in the direction of the most reliant part. To make sure that the dressing in the wound might be every day renewed. When the digestive tract wound is found to be healed. The entire pledget is to be gotten rid of and the unhealed openings impersonated in various other basic wounds. The diet of the client ought to be also of one of the most digestible sorts.