3 points are needed in the treatment of a stone.

Often calculi take place in the bladder, occasionally in one kidney.

And occasionally in both kidneys. The symptoms created by their existence vary according to the circumstance of the concretion. If the stone is in the kidney, the foot of the side impacted is numb (stupid), the back on the affected side aches, and also there is the difficulty of micturition and also significant gravelly debris in the urine.

  • If the stone is increasing in dimension, the quantity of debris likewise increases. However, if the rock is completely formed and also confirmed. The quantity of sediment lowers daily, and also the pee comes to be milk-like both in the kidneys and also the bladder. A stone in the bladder events extremely comparable signs, along with pain in the abdominal muscle as well as pubes. Dysuria and also strangury, and often the look of blood and also flocculi (trumbos?) in the pee. Patients struggling with vesical calculus are constantly constipated. And also the dysuria may boost to the level called Furia, a problem not without some danger.

3 points are needed in the treatment of a stone.

An extra as well as straightforward diet, the use of diuretics, and a modest amount of exercise. It should, nevertheless, be said that verified stone is hardly ever or never ever healed, except by a surgical operation … If a kid has a clear and also watery pee after it has been sandy if he frequently scratches his foot, has involuntary erections, and also lastly blockage in micturition, I say that he has a stone in the neck of his bladder.

  • If now he is laid upon his back with his feet well elevated. And also his whole body well trembles if there is a stone existing it is possible that it may be up to the fundus of the bladder. After that route the kid to bear down (ut experiment se) as well as attempt to make water. This treatment turns out based on your concept, the pee always escapes and your suggestion, as well as treatment, are validated.

If, however, the urine is not run away, allow the child to tremble intensely a second time.

If this as well fails and strangury takes place. It will be required to resort to the use of an audio or catheter (argali ram). To make sure that when the rock is pushed away from the neck of the bladder the flow might be opened as well as the pee may flow out. It may be possible as well that no stone exists. But the urethra is obstructed or closed by pure coagulated. Blood Probably there may have been a wound of the bladder, although no exterior hemorrhage has shown up. Yet the blood coagulating gradually in the bladder has actually occasioned a blockage or constricting of the urinary system flow.

Or potentially the blood from a kidney hemorrhage has descended right into the bladder as well as obstructs the urethra.

  • Therefore I claim that the audio works in these cases where the urethra is blocked by blood or gross wits. Evaluation should also be made as to whether a fleshy body exists in the bladder, as the outcome of some wound. This problem appears if, on the intro of the noise, the pee flows out immediately. I once saw a male struggling with this problem.

That suffered serious pain in the urinary passage as I was presenting the noise. And also I identified that there were wounds in the very same component. For as soon as these were touched by the noise the pee began to move, adhered to right after by a little blood and also fleshy particles … Until now as the operation of physicians is worried, it is necessary just to be specific of the fact that obstruction to the flow of pee depends upon no other cause than rock or the existence of coagulated blood.